How to implement a Unity game events system

To optimise your game, reduce the bugs, and allow a flexible architecture, is a good idea to use an event management system. When an game event occur, like a damage, instead of call each necessary function, to display the damage effect, reduce the health, etc…, you can let all the related function register to an[…]

How to implement a Unity solid Game Data Architecture

There is a common Unity programming challenge in all genre of games: Implement variables and game data that you can initialise, load, save and most important, use in any part of your code easily. Game information like health, score, level, achievements, etc… are present in any game, and must be access, manipulated and stored all over[…]


Games Development Services

Torres Labs is a Games Development Studio, that can take care of all your games development outsourcing needs, bring your vision to life, producing a high quality game, for desktop, mobile or VR. Our scope of services includes programming, 3D modeling, ringing, animation, UI, 2D art and illustration, illumination, level design, and more. We develop your game[…]


Serious Games Applications and Development

We call Serious Games the application of the Games Technology on Business Activities. This ranges from a big number of aplications areas, but the main idea is to use the power of the game engines, new devices, 3D modeling and rendering, animation, together with the Game Design features, creating a engaging and focused environment to[…]


Simulation Games

Simulation Games are the games that reproduce real life activities, for training, performance improvement, presentations and technical studies. We provide Simulation Games Consultant, Design and Development Services, with focus on your goals and return, using the latest games technology. Contact us


Gamification – Creating value for Business

Gamification is the use of game design and technology to create more engaging and focused experience on daily business activities (Wikipedia). Gamification can be applied in any current business activity, from personal recruiting, training, customer assistance, commercial and sales activities, and even on product and services development. Gamification process The first step is to clearly identify the[…]


Advergames – Games applied to Marketing and Advertising

We call Advergames the use of Games and Games Technology to Marketing and Advertising, engaging your customer in a different, fresh and new way. Advertising Games The growth of customer games  engagement, particularly after the mobile booming growth, transform the games not only in a entertainment activity, but also in a social media and engagement tool.[…]


Smart City Games Development

Smart City Games is a new technology trend applied to a Smart City project, to help overcome a series of new challenges in planning, training and management of this new resources. The use of  Smart City Games and Gamification technologies as a tool for stakeholders interface with new smart cities provide a solution with high added value. Using[…]

Kids First Piano

Our new Kids Piano Game

Kids First Piano is a music and rhythm game focus on middle childhood and pre-teens. The game helps introduce kids to the basics of piano play, music, and rhythm, using falling notes and classic child music, in a fun and challenging game. The game was launch with 6 ready to play music and will allow fathers to[…]

Puzzle Tracks Game

Puzzle Tracks for Mobile

Puzzle Tracks is a minimalistic fast-paced action puzzle game. Player move track blocks to allow a small non-stop red ball to reach the end of the track. You need to think quick to stay on your toes! One great feature of the game, is the Puzzle Factory, allowing players to create your own puzzles and[…]