Games Development Services

Torres Labs is a Games Development Studio, that can take care of all your games development outsourcing needs, bring your vision to life, producing a high quality game, for desktop, mobile or VR. Our scope of services includes programming, 3D modeling, ringing, animation, UI, 2D art and illustration, illumination, level design, and more. We develop your game[…]

Kids First Piano

Our new Kids Piano Game

Kids First Piano is a music and rhythm game focus on middle childhood and pre-teens. The game helps introduce kids to the basics of piano play, music, and rhythm, using falling notes and classic child music, in a fun and challenging game. The game was launch with 6 ready to play music and will allow fathers to[…]

Puzzle Tracks Game

Puzzle Tracks for Mobile

Puzzle Tracks is a minimalistic fast-paced action puzzle game. Player move track blocks to allow a small non-stop red ball to reach the end of the track. You need to think quick to stay on your toes! One great feature of the game, is the Puzzle Factory, allowing players to create your own puzzles and[…]

Unlived War

Unlived War Game

John Wipe, born in a pos-apocalypse society, where land was taken by Unlived creatures, and the human race is surviving on war and cargo ships at the ocean. The central operational government (COG), after a disasters military operation, decided to fight and clear small pieces of land, and recovery ground inch by inch. John is[…]