Pickup and Inventory System

Backpack – Pickup and Inventory System

Available at Unity Assets Store Backpack enables Pickup, Store, Show, Use and Drop items around your game scene. Backpack enables developers to implement a simple, yet powerful, pickup and inventory system. Allow your player or NPC to pickup game objects at the scene, and manage an inventory is a key functionality in many game genres,[…]


Mobile Game Startup for Unity

Mobile Game Startup is a Mobile Game Menu, UI, UX and Application Template. When you build a Mobile game, apart from the game development, you have a number of screens and modes to develop, that are not directly link to the game play. Game Startup Mobile, helps you speed up your development by delivering a[…]

Unlived War

Unlived War Game

John Wipe, born in a pos-apocalypse society, where land was taken by Unlived creatures, and the human race is surviving on war and cargo ships at the ocean. The central operational government (COG), after a disasters military operation, decided to fight and clear small pieces of land, and recovery ground inch by inch. John is[…]

Data Persistance

Persistence – Player Prefs and Game Data Manager

Persistence is at Unity Asset Store Persistence enables you to implement persistent game data and player Preferences Have problems to keep information across different scenes? Want to avoid manage many GetComponents to have your game information in more than one script? Ned to save levels, achievements and player data on different game sessions? Persistence is[…]

Desarrollo de videojuegos serios

Los videos juegos serios, empresariales, o simplemente Serious Games, son la aplicación de la tecnología de videojuegos  a las actividades empresariales. Esto va desde un gran número de áreas de aplicación, pero la idea principal es utilizar el poder de los videojuegos, nuevos dispositivos, modelado 3D, animación, junto con las características de diseño del videojuego, creando[…]

Desarrollo de Videojuegos

Torres Labs, es una empresa de desarrollo de videojuegos basada en Barcelona. Nosotros podemos cuidar de todas sus necesidades de desarrollo de juegos, transformar su visión y diseño en un juego completo de alta calidad, para PC, MAC, Móvil, Tabletas o VR. Nuestra gama de servicios incluye la programación, modelado 3D, sonido, animación, interfaz de[…]