Mobile Game Startup for Unity

Mobile Game Startup is a Mobile Game Menu, UI, UX and Application Template.

When you build a Mobile game, apart from the game development, you have a number of screens and modes to develop, that are not directly link to the game play. Game Startup Mobile, helps you speed up your development by delivering a basic set of Menus, Pages, UI, UX and Application as a template to save your development time.

NOTE: This package requires Unity Ads and Unity Analytics. Before use this package, you must download and import both from Asset Store: Unity Ads and Unity Analytics

Game Startup Mobile is a easy to use package that puts all the basics together, including:

1. Ready to use screens and scene navigation.
2. Ready to use: Play/Level Map, How To Play, Achievements, Settings.
3. Menu and gameplay headers, including pause, play and return.
4. Handles the scene loading sequence. Handles level selection and game play scene with proper level.
5. Ready to use time and game events tracking implementation.
6. Handles all the basic sound on / off and volume settings.
7. An Advertising implementation, setup for Unity Ads.
8. A How To Play pages sequencer script, to allow you create an easy game help.
9. An Analytics implementation, to track your game players, setup for Unity Analytics.
10. Handles the basic achievements control and display.
11. Include Persistence, our data persist and user preferences package.
– Built in auto-save of player and game data.
– Built in persistent variables like : Health, Score, Achievements, Levels, Current Level, Sound On, Vibration On, Sound Volume.
– Create your own custom persistent information easily.
– Simple initialization and Plug and Play use.
– Delete saved preferences and information.
Note that this package includes Unity Ads and Unity Analytics configured and ready to use. You need to create your Ads and Analytics account and configure your IDs in order to work.

The Unity Ads is setup at the script AdsTools.cs and the Unity Analytics at the script AnalyticsTools.cs. If your want to use other AD or Analytics supplier, you can customize this scripts, as they already have functions that are called from the other package scripts.