Persistence – Player Prefs and Game Data Manager

Persistence is at Unity Asset Store

Persistence enables you to implement persistent game data and player Preferences

Have problems to keep information across different scenes? Want to avoid manage many GetComponents to have your game information in more than one script? Ned to save levels, achievements and player data on different game sessions? Persistence is for you!

By Persistence we mean that the variable keeps its value, can be set and get, across scenes, scripts and levels, and also that the variable is saved to be used in another game session.

Persistence is a comprehensive implementation Player Prefs ad Game Persistence Manager in a single, easy to use script you can put right on your game and work across your code.

Have game information persistence across different screens, scenes and levels is a common game development issue. Also, save Player and Game information, like preferences, achievements and played levels, is another common issue. And synchronize both, the persistent data and the save one, is development a night mare.

The Persistence main function are:

1. Create and Use Persistence Game Data.

2. Data persist across scenes, levels and screens.

3. Information ready to use in any object or script, without code hassle.

4. Built in auto-save of player and game data.

5. Built in persistent variables like : Health, Score, Achievements, Levels, Current Level, Sound On, Vibration On, Sound Volume.

6. Create your own custom persistent information easily.

7. Simple initialization and Plug and Play use.

8. Delete saved preferences and information.

9. Cross-platform: Works on Web, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Windows Phone.

If you have any special need or want to suggest new features, we will be glad to help you, and in some cases implement it as part of this package. Contact us at